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The Russian rosy-cheeked girl with steep hips, lush bust, gorgeous hair and a thin waist conquers the whole world. Any man will remain indifferent having looked into the eyes of this beauty. Warmth, helpfulness, ability for understanding and empathizing with the emotional looseness, the general level of culture, open-mindedness is a deadly cocktail for the whole male population of the world.

It is known that Russian girls are the most submissive wives, neat housewives and caring mothers. Very often men of the different nationalities choose as wives just Russian ladies as they are patient and hardy, always try to maintain hearth, keep the house clean and cozy, have the modest behavior in the society, but in bed they try to be temperamental and extremely uninhibited. There are a lot of positive qualities for which men of all the countries are so fond of Russian women, and it is possible to talk about them endlessly.

The fact that such girls exist and even quite common are on dating sites is good news. Not very good news is that for men who above all are looking for mutual love with Russian women, rich with emotions and experiences feelings, a dating site hardly will give a welcome gift on the first request. If any at all. For those who wish to find a serious relationship with a Russian girl (but not adventurers) it is much more difficult to make a choice. Try to understand by terse lines of the questionnaire and usual answers to the standard questions who is looking at you from the screen - the perfect Russian wife or just dummy who wants to marry a foreigner just for life abroad. Or maybe potential fraud... Russia is a very special country and its women have a mysterious "Russian soul". It is not easy for an alien to comprehend Russian girls even looking in their eyes, not talking about a description on a dating site. Therefore to find in a heap of photos and profiles the only, with whom you will want to walk the same road, it is necessary to spend a lot of time for socializing, conversation, empty talk and disappointing meeting.

We worked hard for many years to offer you a practical guide that will help you to choose a Russian wife competently and effectively, and will help to understand what kind of personality Russian women really possess, and to compare this understanding with the common representation and stereotypes which often have very little in common with the real portrait of present day Russian women.

Every man interested in Russian women should read this book! It contains detailed information not only about how and where to find a Russian woman on the internet or in real life not being shocked by frauds hypocrisy that deprives a lot of men of sleep. And not just on how to build a long and happy relationship with her. But also about how to influence at any Russian woman through text messages on dating sites or via e-mail. This book should become reference one and you should definitely have it in your personal library. This requirement concerns to any man who wants to realize his male dreams.

Please do not be very credulous. Do not let some scammers have a game with your feelings. No honest, decent Russian woman will EVER ask you for money in such circumstances. Nor will she hint at it. No matter how reasonable they might seem to you, any money requests are absurd and inappropriate.

A woman who has her heart in the right place will never play on your emotions. She will never try to arouse your sympathy with a view to get some cash from you. She will never turn to advantage you and your feelings. A true Russian woman does not want pity. She wants to be loved but only if it is true. She does not want money. She wants a relationship. She will never accept any money from you until you have actually met, and your relationship has turned into something special. You do not want a woman preoccupied with money. A scammer will of course say she does not care about money, but we all know actions speak louder than words.

You by no means are encouraged to become cynical, paranoid, or scared. There is no need to be distrustful of all Russian women and women from FSU seeking their love over the Internet. You should keep in mind that most women out there are not fakes. They are sincerely looking for a husband they can spend the rest of their lives with. They are truly beautiful both on the outside and the inside.

It is highly important to be careful in everything, not just Internet dating. We take precautions in our daily life to avoid problems. Why not take them here too? Better safe than sorry.

Hundreds of men have met their Russian wives with help of the Internet and our website Russianwomen.expert and are happily married now. Keep that in mind.

Also remember that there is no instant gratification in real love. Be patient and your patience will be rewarded. Just like this life is worth living in spite of all the dangers and difficulties, true love is worth searching for. Be careful, but do not let dangers daunt you.

Do not waste your feelings, sympathy, and money on scammers. Save it all for someone who truly deserves it.