The process of emancipation in America and Europe was followed by a reassessment of many social and spiritual values. ​​ Woman ceased to be just a home-maker and housewife; nowadays a career takes the first place for her, and only then come husband and children. Foreign women would not be overly concerned about their appearance; they dress in such a way which first of all is comfortable for them. They are self-assured and see in men equal family- and business-partners. I think that, unfortunately, the emancipation and feminism did after all their dirty deed and managed to poison a significant part of female consciousness. There is a lot of information about feminism, this ugly phenomenon of the last few centuries, so I won’t repeat it. I only would like to quote a statement of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill (Russia):

"A phenomenon which is called feminism I consider very dangerous, because feminist organisations proclaim pseudo-freedom of women that should first of all occur outside marriage and outside the family. In the centre of feminist ideology is not a family, not bringing up children, but some other function of women which often is put in a contrast with family values ​​. Perhaps it is not a coincidence that most leaders of feminism are unmarried women. I noticed this while working in Geneva at the World Council of Churches.

The feminist theme was only beginning to develop then. Being still a relatively young man, I was surprised by the fact that the leaders of the so-called feminist movement, with very few exceptions, were not concerned with family responsibilities. All the subtleties of human relationships - love, loyalty, caring, responsibility – were reduced by the ideologists of feminism to social, political, monetary relations and to the distribution of power and influence. I believe that this is a dramatic misconception of this phenomenon."

Western values ​​brought once robust feminist movement to a complete absurdity, which, in turn, is rejected by normal men. But even with such a significant decay of the society that we have got today, sensible people still remain, and the fairer sex is no exception! Therefore, men from all over the world are increasingly turning their attention to the post-Soviet countries where such women live. Russian women are much less demanding than Western ones, and often their ultimate dream is the teetotal husband and fed children. They are able to work, to keep their household and still manage to look well. And finally, the most important and compelling argument in favour of Russian brides – they are well educated and possess a fairly high intelligence which facilitates their adaptation in a foreign country and is often a subject of pride by foreign grooms. Needless to say, that no other woman of the world possesses such qualities.

So, as a result, a Russian woman is a mother, lover, and a life partner at the same time; she shares all spiritual interests of her husband, but at the same time she is not a "feminist" or a "blue stocking”. Perhaps this is an ideal option for men from all over the world. But there is one problem here: from millions of women from FSU who are signed to the dating website or any matchmaking agencies with the goal to find the foreigner for a strong relationships or happy marriage, there is a percentage which, using the condition of being anonymous given by the Global Network, are deceiving men over the world, especially from Western Europe or USA.

This book will surely not be pleasant for the scoundrels, but I hope that the following information will cause depression in the amount of deceptive practices, which harm every day the reputation of Russian women each and every day.

You should know one detail. Anyone can fall for a scam! Even the most remarkable businessman, who is able to catch many swindling deeds can be tricked as the debutant if he is not well-informed about tactics used by these "Russian" scammers: when case concerns, sentimental space and singleness, limits and barriers are reduced for great pleasure of some dishonest people.