The guaranteed way to avoid being scammed is not to send the Russian woman any money or costly gifts, unless you are sure that she is genuine. You should have conversation with her for a long while, speak on the phone, Skype, or even meet her, before considering sending her money.

Don't brag, please. Don't accentuate the fact that you are financially well off. Write and talk about anything; themes for correspondence are endless, because something happens around us every hour! But the topic about money will only attract scammers and gold-diggers.

From the beginning of your correspondence, if you feel that there is something special about the girl, mention (casual-like) that you're a-going to visit Russia, and of course meet her. This will scare away any potential defrauder.

Also write her that you would like to talk to her over the phone or Skype. This is commonly not as effectual, as a wench might decline due to bad language skills, but it will make a scammer feel fiddly.

If a Russian girl writes to you about her correspondence expenses, you can offer to pay for the mail forwarding yourself. It is not necessary to send any money to her personally. If you want to invite the Russian woman of your choice to your country it is better to buy the air plane ticket directly from the agency established to provide a particular service! You will be able to obtain a refund in case of non-use of the air plane ticket. Even if she writes to you, that the ticket would cost 3 or 5 times less if she would buy it in Russia herself, do not send any money. Buy the air plane ticket yourself. If she's a genuine girl who's truly interested in you, she will admit this thought with pleasure. If not, she will vanish and you'll not have wasted either your time or money.

Ask her for her postal address. Use it to check up on her with the help of our detective, or try sending her something (an introduction letter, a photo of yourself, or a gift). If she doesn't get it, something could be abnormal. Our team from website will kindly help you out by visiting the address personally within 48 hours of you ordering the service, and verifying the existence of the address or woman.

There is a deft trick. Please send her a message or email containing nothing. A true Russian woman will either ignore it, or write back, asking why you sent her an empty message. Some scammers will write back, thanking you for your remarkable letter, reminding you that they interested in you or even love you. This also works with indistinct messages. Send one page of bullshit ('Oh giosdf; polipofs klfdsf uoyj') and wait for her response to a situation.

If you should suss that she is a scammer, report her to dating website or her agency. This will help preclude any future incidents. You may also submit this Russian girl to the scammer database.