Now imagine (I can quite understand that that very well may be...), you have just strode into the dating world of beautiful Russian rosy-cheeked girls with steep hips, lush busts, gorgeous hair and thin waists. You are full of hopes, anticipations, and ambitions. You are anxious to find things you have despaired of finding in your local area. You look for true love and feminine qualities which are particularly typical for Russian women: ability to share all interests of her beloved man while retaining their femininity and not leaving her household. And then all of a sudden you feel that you have found it all. You have just discovered someone that seems so perfect for you.

You scarcely know this lady, but your heart and mind tell you that she is the one. Your feelings are overwhelmed with her beauty. You are no longer your logical self. You are in love. You are ready to put the whole world to your Russian (Ukrainian and Belarusian) girl's feet. The girl seems absolutely "real'. She is just very poor and desperately needs money. She asks you for help.

You might or might not be taken aback by that prayer. Anyway, you think to yourself "not so very much money" or "anything for that fantastic woman" and take out your purse. Better hold your horses! Believe me. Not all is gold that glitters.

"But I cannot question the good fortune. It might really, really, it just might be true. For the true love money is not a barrier. I am in love and it's not a problem to pay the costs if a gorgeous lady come to me. I am a man and therefore can solve any problem."

What can one do in such a case? You can check her story insensibly.

You must know that man becomes awfully defenseless when it comes to love. He loses his head. He forgets himself. He gets emotional. As a result, he is easy to be taken advantage of. A lot of people understand it. Some of them will try to use it. The income of such crooks sometimes is in millions. They attack men from different countries and different continents.

Do not send her any money.

Enter the sentence from her profile or letter in quotes in Google. If it returns many results with different names, locations, or even photos, it is obviously a scam.

Check her using the scammer database. If you don't find her there, visit my website www.russianwomen.expert and share your suspicions about her. You'll get some advice and perhaps find someone else who's corresponded with her.

You can take advantage of our service, in which we will visit her, delivering her a gift. We will give you a verification, and upon your request, take her real photo or check her passport.

If, after consulting with me, you come to a resolution in the mind she's not a scammer, you can continue your communication without any superfluous doubts.